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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Clinica de Chirurgie Vasculara Timisoara

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CompasX Association - President's message


Welcome to CompasX Association!

In spite of major advancement of the medical science, during the last decade, the total number of major limb amputations due to ischemia is continuously rising.

Under an ongoing "global epidemic" of obesity and an ever increasing prevalence of type II diabetes mellitus (predicted by WHO to be about 7% in 2050), limb amputation for intractable ischemia and/or infection becomes a major problem.  Being one of the most feared complications, amputation has a dreadful impact upon patients life, with a 2 year postoperative mortality reaching 50%.

Facing a problem of such complexity, there is a strong need to merge all our knowledge into better clinical protocols, that will eventually help reduce the lower limb amputation rates. The CompasX Association was founded as a pluridisciplinary initiative to reduce the overall number of lower limb amputations due to ischemic tissue loss.

Prof. Dr. Mihai Ionac
President CompasX Association
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